Career Guide – Start Your Journey As a WordPress Professional

Career guide as a WordPress Professional

WordPress, You may be wondering about “What is WordPress?” and “What is the best part about WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open-source CMS based on PHP and paired with MySQL or MariaDB database. Nowadays, with the latest trend of web development on Javascript and its framework like react, WordPress is also adapting to the changes. Since the origin days of WordPress, it was meant to help people on bringing their thoughts online. Over the years, WordPress emerged as a popular blogging platform that succeeded international praise.

What is the best part about WordPress?

WordPress currently powers 41% of the web. From personal bloggers to large corporations, this powerful Content Management System aims to make it possible for anyone to build awesome websites in minutes. This platform is flexible, scalable, and easier to use because of its amazing plugin architecture and template systems. You can also understand it from the Demand for WordPress and the Future of the Web with it.

How this platform is for Professionals?

Behind the effectiveness and popularity of this platform, there is the hand of its developers. As it is an open-source platform, there are many web enthusiasts to contribute to it and make the web a better place.

There are multiple ways to get involved professionally in this field. To get the right way of starting your professional career in WordPress development, visit Make WordPress site.

Skills You Should Know While Working on WordPress

As a WordPress professional, you can focus on improving the platform or creating new products called Themes, Plugins, or you might work with clients to help them creating, customizing, and managing a WordPress site. But you need to specialize in the infrastructure and ecosystem of this platform. Because knowledge is the key to get success in any field.

You should have the following skills while working on WordPress;

  • JavaScript/JQuery
  • Ajax
  • React

WordPress is much beneficial for professionals due to;

  • Multiple Job Opportunities
  • Job Security
  • Strong Community

What types of Job Opportunities does it provide?

There are multiple options provided by WordPress to start a better professional career. You can also understand the Demand and Career opportunities of WordPress with this slide so easily.

The Slideshow is taken from one of the WordPress Kathmandu Meetup. This meetup was focused on talks related to getting into WordPress and making a career in WordPress as professional. It was presented by our Founder & CEO Er. Surendra Shrestha.

Checkout the meetup link HERE.

For more understanding, Let’s discuss job opportunities.

1. Theme Developer

You can make a theme on your own and publish it on the WordPress Theme store. Or can join the company as a Theme Developer. WordPress is being effectual day by day because of the outstanding, feature-riched themes developed by talented theme developers.

2. Plugin Developer

There are more than 55,000 plugins in WordPress which makes it easier to add new features to websites. You can make some simple but effective ones and get your career started as a Plugin Developer. It is one of the highly demanded professions of WordPress like the Theme Developer.

3. Core Contributor

There is a team to create and release time-to-time updates and versions of WordPress called Core Team. If you know PHP, HTML, JavaScript, or CSS, you can be the one to contribute to the board. WordPress team will welcome you to help with development by any means such as writing code, bug fixing, debate decisions, etc. And it can be the mean of your professional recognition.

4. UI/UX Designer

There is not any field on the web that doesn’t need a designer. UI/UX designer is to design and develop the user interface. It helps to make the user-friendly and attractive layouts of any templates and website.

5. Frontend Developer

Frontend Developers in WordPress are the ones with the ability to take concepts from designers and develop beautiful websites for clients on WordPress. Their goal is to help serve clients with powerful, beautiful, and functional websites to grow their business. It is also another most demanded profession.

6. Security Expert

Another important factor of any website is performance and security. So, the Security Expert is also one demanded profession of this field. With multi-level code audits, the task of a security expert is to find the vulnerable lines of codes and make this platform more secure.

7. Theme Reviewer

The task of the Theme Reviewer is to review and approve every Theme submitted to the WordPress Theme repository. It helps you sharpen your own Theme Development skills and provides you an idea to build a theme with excellent features. If you are working as a theme reviewer also means that you are getting international reach among the global WordPress Professionals as well as larger companies. That helps you to get a position in renowned companies.

8. Freelancer and Consultant

Getting established as a WordPress professional, you can be a freelancer and set up a WordPress business. But firstly, you’ll need to demonstrate that you have experience and are capable of working with it at a professional level.

Likewise, you can be a professional consultant to guide the users and beginners on working with WordPress. As well as you can consult on making WordPress core better and you can get paid for your excellent capability.

9. SEO Analytics

SEO writers and analytics are the key contributors to make the WordPress platform, themes, plugins, and websites recognized by the whole community. They are behind to make the importance of the product understandable.

When you are potential with WordPress skills, nobody can stop you from your better professional career.

Job Security

Since it has multiple outstanding professional opportunities available, you can easily assure its professional security. If you feel you can’t do better with one or the market of one part being more competitive, you can switch to another one. And another important fact about it is, you don’t have to struggle or give more time to switch from one profession to another. If you are working as a PHP developer(no matter you are a pro at it), it may take some time to switch to a react developer. But here, if you have a great knowledge of WordPress architecture and working structure, you won’t have trouble. To clarify, if you are a Theme Developer and got tiresome with theme development, then you can easily switch to Plugin Developer or Consultant at customer care or something else.

Strong Community

If you face any problems, there is a great support forum to help you out. You might also contribute to giving back to the community. The open-source community is for to take and give back.

Helping people with no reason, it is the Community!

Er. Surendra Shrestha, Founder & CEO at Rigorous Web

We are learning and growing our skills through the open-source platform. But when we start sharing our knowledge and experience with others, people will be motivated to contribute further. By this, the community remains alive.

You can contribute to WordPress Community by following ways;

  • Developing Free Themes and Plugins
  • Hanging out on Support Forums
  • Translating WordPress in local languages
  • Contributing to Core
  • Writing blogs about WordPress
  • Reporting bugs and fixing them
  • Helping on documentations

Shortly, when people are helping WordPress Core to make it much better and customer-oriented, we can surely get a better career with WordPress. We will also be a part of this community and while we are contributing, we are doing our profile building up at the same time globally. So, WordPress has a better professional career with no doubt.

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