The demand for WordPress and The Future Of The Web With It

How long has it been you have using WordPress? Even if you are newly digging upon it, you have surely known the demand for WordPress. Nowadays, more and more people are on the web, and WordPress has efforts to bring them online from all over the world.

The WordPress community is only continuing to grow with new SEO features, improved dashboard functionality, and UI updates, more security improvements in the coming future. It is going to adopt the Full Site Editing (FSE) feature, depreciate widgets, and many more exciting changes for modern web developers. To be precise, the platform is getting better and better. You don’t have to think twice to use WordPress as your CMS in 2021 and beyond!

We can see the 41% of the web using WordPress from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online. Using WordPress themes to develop a website at a low cost is a smarter idea rather than developing a website from scratch. There are thousands of themes and 55,000 plugins available now on the WordPress store. Besides, it is an open-source platform. Hence, you can develop any kind of website and if you aren’t satisfied, you can customize it on your own. However, you have to code large scripts to make your website multilingual in the early days. Now you can make it happen just with the installation of a multilingual plugin.

WordPress Users

How’s the scope of WordPress Developers in the future?

With the accomplishment of WordPress at present days, you can imagine that how important a WordPress developer is. And, of course, it is not yet ended stepping forward and flourishing with the integration of numerous features. If you want to Start Your Career in WordPress, here are the Career Guidelines for you to become a WordPress Professional. You can choose any profession and embrace your future. WordPress is now known as an emerging platform with many new opportunities, but there are many more to see. One such example is WooCommerce, It won’t be mistaken to call it a subdomain of WordPress since it has come forward with new possibilities for developers. Likewise, WordPress is going to adopt javascript in development to facilitate users with the features of Single Page Application.

Since WordPress has gained some popularity, many people have learned WordPress until now. It’s being a trending platform among web developers. Obviously, it has some limitations but the major thing is it’s up to date with the latest trend and tools. Well, as per my opinion, WordPress developers still have many opportunities. The only thing they have to do is to find the ideal domain. 

Challenges with the upcoming changes

We can’t deny the fact that web developers are in dilemma these days, due to its inconsistency after block editor, Gutenberg is launched. Each time, it has some major changes and by this, WordPress developers feel unsafe with their future in WordPress. If you are a WordPress developer, you can choose one of the specific domains of your interest. After that, you will have many chances of getting your way. Suppose, if you work in a specific domain like WooCommerce then also you can succeed.

When WordPress was fully dependent on PHP, and growth was quite great. Web developers trusted it 100% and felt secured at least for the next 5-10 yrs. But currently, there are some doubts due to regular upgrades during this 1 yr development going on at core WordPress. 50% of normal developers could not switch from PHP to react, 30% will upgrade their react skill with a hard time and only 20% of developers will live with the latest WordPress. So, the changes made were inconsistent with the old developer.

In brief, WordPress is more oriented for New Web developers and it’s the right future for them. But for the old developers, It is presumable that they have to struggle to adopt some upcoming platforms. A moment of hard work, you will be succeeded then.

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