Is WordPress still a good career in 2023?

Is WordPress still a good career in 2023? A short answer for this is, yes! Since there is a huge market for WordPress, there is a lucrative career opportunity.

In 2023, data from W3Techs states that 45.8% of the world’s websites use WordPress. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) which was initially developed as a tool to publish blogs. 

The platform launched back in 2003, exactly 20 years ago. At present, with the advancement of technology, WordPress has evolved into a no-code platform. In simple terms, anyone with no technical knowledge or coding skills can use WordPress to create websites. Likewise, it provides a huge array of customization options for its users. 

Now without further ado, let us discuss why is WordPress still a good career in 2023!

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1. Open source software

One of the main reasons that WordPress is still a good career in 2023 is because it is an open-source software. It gives developers, designers, and users the freedom to contribute to the platform. As a result, new themes and plugins with upgraded functionality frequently get released. 

Since users from worldwide contribute to WordPress, it helps the platform to evolve. It is also one of the results why the platform is highly versatile and flexible. WordPress boasts itself of supporting democratizing publishing and freedom. Thus, anyone whether a beginner or an expert can actively collaborate and contribute. 

2. High demand

We mentioned before that 45.8% of the world’s websites use WordPress. It shows how popular WordPress is among other content management systems. Although WordPress is a no-code, intuitive, and easy-to-use platform, for more complex requirements and troubleshoots, you need to hire skilled personnel.

Therefore, it also means that there is a high demand for skillful WordPress developers, designers, content creators, etc. For technical issues and optimization of websites, individuals with experience and skills are always in demand. 

3. No-code

WordPress is a popular no-code platform. The no-code technology uses graphical user interfaces, eliminating the need to write any code. Hence, anyone without any technical knowledge can easily use WordPress to build a website. 

This means you can create any kind of website from blogs to business to e-commerce. Similarly, given its versatility, professionals can work on various kinds of websites to tailor to the needs of the clients. The no-code technology has been revolutionary and brought more diversity to WordPress. 

4. Opportunity for freelancers

Another great benefit of WordPress for your career is that it provides opportunities for freelancers. Many professionals work as freelancers or remotely on the platform. WordPress development, theme and plugin development, WooCommerce development, responsive web design, etc are a few of the skills that provide opportunities for freelancing. 

After COVID-19, remote jobs are highly sought after in the present job market. It gives the flexibility and good work-life balance that many are looking for. Therefore, many developers and designers on WordPress work remotely, set their rates, and work on projects from anywhere. It is a good opportunity for freelancers. 

5. Active community

WordPress community is one large community with active members. Since it is an open source anyone can contribute and there is a strong network of support and resources. If you have any queries, you can simply go to the support forums and ask for help. It’s a common place where people find support and share their knowledge. 

The members also actively discuss recent trends and technologies. It provides excellent opportunities for interaction and networking. WordPress’s active community can also help you in the enhancement of your skills. Likewise, there are also opportunities for collaborative projects and freelance projects. 

6. Continuous evolution

The continuous evolution of the platform further makes WordPress a good career in 2023. With the introduction of new technology, new themes and plugins also get introduced to WordPress. It means that there is a need to learn new skills and tools. Similarly, the platform becomes more versatile. 

As a result, there is a diversification of skills and an increase in demand for professionals. Another great aspect of the continuous evolution of WordPress is it brings innovation opportunities. Individuals who are well-versed in WordPress and its latest updates have higher chances of getting further opportunities. Likewise, individuals who specialize in areas like block development, performance optimization, setups, etc can further get lucrative opportunities. 

7. Attractive salary

And the final point that makes WordPress a good career in 2023 is because of the attractive paycheck. Due to its flexibility and ease of use, many new individuals and businesses continue to use the platform for creating their websites. As a result, WordPress has continued to become a popular career choice. 

Proficient and experienced developers earn lucrative salaries through the platform. Even if they work remotely or freelance, they can set their rates and have higher earning potential. Similarly, continuous learning and updating their knowledge set can contribute to further higher rates of earning. Be noted that the demand for skilled developers and designers can vary based on the trends. 


The popularity of WordPress is continuously expanding. Therefore, if you are looking to make a career at the platform, there are lots of opportunities. The no-code technology has eased the process of creating websites, however, complex and high level of customization requires skilled individuals. 

Similarly, knowledge about digital marketing, programming languages, and related new trends can further help enhance individuals’ skills and career prospects in WordPress. So yes the platform remains relevant and is a good career choice in 2023. Furthermore, based on the statistics to date, the value of WordPress is undoubtedly going to increase in the future.

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