Rigorous Web – Winner of WordPress Pokhara Logo Design Competition

WordPress is an open-source Content Management System. Over 60 million people who are working on the web choose WordPress as their platform. They belong to different locales all around the world. Not to be isolated and to solve the problem we face, community with like-minded people is a good privilege. We know it is pleasurable to work in a group. There are many communities in different localities to share knowledge and celebrate together every year.

WordCamps happen with great community support. It requires the gathering of energized people to mark it as successful. WordCamps are casual community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users. It is informal, where you can participate, share ideas, and get to know others. Such competitions like Photography competition, Banner designing, Logo designing competition encourage people to take part in those beautiful events.

Newly formed WordPress Community at Pokhara announced the “Logo Design Competition” on March 14, 2018. This logo will be an official logo for WordPress Pokhara. To make the competition more interesting, WordPress Pokhara announced to reward an amount of Rs. 5000 to the Winner.

Rigorous Team has been actively involved in various WordPress communities as Translators, Volunteers, Speakers & Organizers within all over the world. A small team of people solely becomes a community. In which when one starts sharing knowledge and experience with others, people will be motivated to contribute further. So, why not to be that one to promote the culture of good work.

A logo is the identity of any organization or community. Our graphics designer Sajan Rajbahak modishly converts the shrewd concept of our own Kosish Bhandari to give the outstanding logo as the official logo of WordPress Pokhara. We are proud to have such creative members in our family.

Official Logo of WordPress Pokhara

Rigorous Web, Winner

WordPress Pokhara Logo Design Competition 2018

In the sense of giving back to the community, we returned the winning amount Rs. 5000 to the WordPress Pokhara Community. We are happy to get such types of opportunities to contribute. No one has ever become poor by giving! We can rise by lifting others. So, Let’s uplift people to elevate our community!!

Community is the strength to explore yourself.

Rigorous Web

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