Tips for Google Ads

Google Ads is an online advertising platform. It allows businesses and advertisers to create ads and run them across Google search engine results pages (SERPs) and Google Display Networks. Google offers both search and display advertising options. 

The Google Ads run across websites and video platforms on different viewing devices. They are highly effective tools in online advertising. These ads work functions based on the pay-per-click (PPC) model. Almost all ads are created for specific target audiences and specific campaigns. 

But what makes Google Ads effective? 

For this purpose, we have prepared tips for Google Ads that can aid in making them effective. Let us explore these tips in detail together!

A. Determine goals

The first and foremost thing that you must be clear about is your goals. What do you want to achieve through your goals? What kind of results are you expecting to get? Knowing the answers to these questions helps to build the strategy for your Google Ad. 

For example, some advertisers’ goal behind Google ads is to increase sales of their products. Meanwhile, a few others may be looking to create a new customer base, engagement, and so on. Once you are clear about your goals, then you can move forward to research, campaigns, and strategies. 

B. Identify target audiences

Your target audiences play an important role in Google Ads. After determining your goal, you must understand who are your audiences, what demographics they belong to, and what are their tastes and preferences. Likewise, understand what keywords they use and what products they are searching for.

Your ads must revolve around these topics so that they appeal to your target audiences. Similarly, creating a sense of trust and credibility with your target audience is another important factor that you cannot overlook. A good user experience will lead to higher click-through rates, more conversions, and creating trust in the brand. 

C. Keyword Research

In the above paragraph, we mentioned understanding what kind of keywords your target audiences use to search for products, services, or information. Also, there are different types of keywords, i.e., short tail or long tail. Short-tail keywords consist of one or two words while long-tail consist of more than three words and generally generate better traffic. So you might want to research which one to focus on. 

Researching these relevant keywords helps your Google Ads to appear in the search results. There are various keyword research tools available on the internet for researching relevant keywords. Google Trends, Semrush, Ahrefs, and Moz are some of the best keyword research tools on the internet. 

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D. Setting budget

Not every advertiser has a huge budget scale for running Google Ads, therefore, our next tip for Google Ads is to set a budget. There is also the option for paid search advertising where your Google search ads appear at the top of the Google SERPs which requires a certain budget. 

Before you set your strategy framework, you must know what is your budget limit. You do not want to build a strategy and campaign without enough budget to run it. Consider the maximum bid while setting your goal. The maximum bid refers to the amount that you are willing to pay for every click on your ad. 

E. Choose the campaign that aligns with your goal

Now that you know your budget, you can come up with a campaign that aligns with the objectives. There are various campaigns, such as search, display, video, shopping, etc. For example, if you want to increase sales or direct traffic to your websites, select a search campaign. 

Since most products and services have their app out nowadays, Universal App Campaigns (UAC) is used for the promotion. However, it is important that this campaign matches your goal and your target audiences are downloading the apps. 

F. Consolidate Google Ads account

The next tip on our tips for Google Ads is to consolidate your Ads account. There are different automation tools that Google Ads provide their users for management account and optimization of ads. Consolidating your account in other words is the process of merging multiple Google Ads accounts into a single. 

The benefit behind the consolidation of Google Ads accounts is easy campaign management. Similarly, it is easier to monitor the ads’ performance and there is efficient allocation of budget. It helps in getting a clear overview of your budget, performance, and strategy refinement. 

G. Boost conversions

Google Ads campaign does not lead to conversions right away. Your target audiences can be appealed to by the ads. However, most of them do not make the purchase. Oftentimes, they check on the ads and leave it to that. So how can you make your target audience make the purchase? 

You can use a remarketing strategy to influence the audience to make the purchase. After your target audiences click on the ads, you can initiate a remarketing campaign for the previously viewed ads. It is one of the best ways to boost the conversion rate of your products or services. 

Links and ad extensions play an essential role in Google Ads. These help to direct potential customers to your websites. Therefore, it is always best that you review and update links from time to time. Identify the pages like landing pages, product pages, etc, that share details of your websites. 

Also, check and review existing links and update them if needed. You can also add new links for optimizing your Google ads, recommended for websites launching new products and services. After revision and update of the links, test if the traffic of the site and conversion rate have improved. 

I. Stay updated with the trend

In the previous point, we talked about reviewing and updating the links. The final tip on our tips for Google Ads is to stay updated with the trend. The tastes and preferences of people change with time. Thanks to social media, there are always new trends emerging. Thus, it has become crucial to keep up with the latest trends.  

Over time, your target audiences may seek something more, something new, or popular at a specific time. Areas like fashion, business, and technology frequently keep changing. So keep tabs on the changes, information, and trends for effective Google Ads.  


Google Ads is a dynamic platform and its landscape keeps changing. To come up with effective strategies, it is necessary to modify and evolve with the changing landscape. We hope you will find these tips for Google Ads useful.


What is Google Display Networks? 

Google Display network consists of a vast network of websites and digital platforms, used by advertisers to display their ads. Advertisers can display their ads on any specific websites or web pages within the network. 

What is pay-per-click (PPC)?

PPC is a digital advertising model where the advertisers pay a fee each time users click on their online ads. In other words, advertisers pay solely for the actual clicks that their ads receive.

What is Universal App Campaigns (UAC)? 

The Universal App Campaigns (UAC) is a type of Google Ads advertising campaign designed specifically for mobile app promotion. Advertisers can promote their mobile apps across Google’s network using this campaign.

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