WordCamp Butwal 2020 – Rigorous Web as a Silver Sponsor

Rigorous Web Services is a group of young, innovative and energetic team of IT Professionals and Engineers specializing in Software Analysis, Software Development and Information System Management. We mainly work on WordPress and also develop Free and Premium WordPress Themes, & Plugins. We believe in making our community strong by contributing. By that thought, we have been actively involved in the WordPress community as Translators, Volunteers, Speakers, Sponsors & Organizers at different WordPress Communities all over the world.

WordPress is an open-source platform. We are learning and sharing our knowledge within the clique. It is the culture of community and we are trying to be a part of this. Not only us, but you can also see millions of helping hands around the earth to tackle with the problems related to WP. 

WordCamp Butwal 2020 #WCBTL2020

However, WordCamp is the Spring of each WordPress Enthusiastic to share knowledge and experience with each other.  It inspires people to contribute further. Well, These programs are the pulse to keep the community alive. To influence community Rigorous Web supports almost all of the local WordCamps within our Country Nepal and also in some international WordCamp every year.

WordCamp Kathmandu, WordCamp Bharatpur, and WordCamp Pokhara are some of the WordPress Communities that we give a hand in the year 2019. Likewise, one considerable example of the great effort of WordPressers is WordCamp Butwal 2020. In which, we are as one of their Silver Sponsors.

Besides that, CEO of the Rigorous Web Er. Surendra Shrestha shared his experiences on the topic “Giving Back To The Community”. Inside which he covered all of the aspects of his 10 years journey with WordPress.

The beauty of WordPress is its community and giving back to the community is a kind of culture, developed by the WordPress Community. We share our knowledge and experience with others, people will be motivated to contribute further. By this, the community remains alive. Today, if there are some problems related to WP,  there are definitely millions of helping hands around the earth.

Er. Surendra Shrestha,
Founder & CEO, Rigorous Web

In Teamwork, all we need is transparency and no deny in any works at any time. The activities of tracking and reporting progress of the Organizing team can’t divert the way to the event got grand and huge success. The effort of individuals gives it a named Community and, Yeah we know, it’s the major reason behind its huge success!

WordCamp Butwal 2020 was the initiation of cooperation for that local area but became the perfection in itself. Individually we are one but together we are a team with creativity and energy.

Let’s work together to grow our community !!

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