Experience of Supporting WordCamp Nepal 2022 as a Gold Sponsor

WordCamp Nepal 2022 is a great success with multiple appreciable memories. Sponsoring this great event as a Gold Sponsor was a fantastic experience. Moreover, It is our immense pleasure to receive all the participants that we met in our stall at #WCNP2022. We really enjoyed interacting with different groups of attendees, sharing some professional and personal life experiences with some expertise, and clearing the doubts of students about the carrier in WordPress.

The event was remarkable with the support of 23 Sponsors, 19 Speakers, 10 Contribution Day Team Leads, and 800+ attendees. There we had offers for participants to scan and win offers through Google Forms as well as share content/images and win giveaways through their Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn walls.

Our Giveaways for the WordCamp Nepal 2022:

  • For google Forms and LinkedIn, there were separate QR codes to scan and fill up the google form and share a job post respectively.
  • Similarly, participants should have to click a photo on the RWS Instagram booth and upload it with #rigorouswebservices on their Instagram handle.
  • Likewise, they had to click a photo with the RWS stall at the event and publish it through their Facebook wall with #rigorousweb.

Among all of the participants through different social platforms, we awarded 15 lucky winners from Google Form sharer, 20 from LinkedIn, 10 from Facebook, and 3 from Instagram sharer with the beautiful gift hampers like cups, t-shirts, and hoodies.

Also, we had decided to give 60% off on all of our products from Aarambha Themes for 7 days starting from the WordCamp day. People who bought themes and plugins with coupon code “AT_WCNP2022” paid the price excluding 60% on each respective product till 11th November 2022.

As more portion of the mass was of college students, stalls were chock-full mostly, with their curiosity about the carrier in web development, our company’s workflow, current market scenarios and techniques on working with WordPress, etc. Their excitement of winning gift hampers was also at the next level.

We also shared the job vacancy application at the WordCamp. A large number of attendees show their interest and fill up the form with the post they are interested in.

Overall, during the event, we got a chance to be connected with people from multiple locations, multiple companies, multiple colleges, people with multiple interests, multiple expertise, and multiple achievements, and observe them with multiple viewports. Throughout the event, sometimes we shared knowledge and experiences from our stall and sometimes we visited other sponsors’ stalls to gain information, listen to speakers from diverse backgrounds, eat, dance, drink, and at most enjoyed the event very well.

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