Supported SICT in the ” International Girls in ICT Day 2016″

Nowadays, Technology is amplifying its area day by day. Many of daily life works are being simple with technology. In such a situation it is very much required to enhance the environment in IT for everyone and everywhere. SICT Nepal is an organization called Society for Information Technology Nepal that has been focusing on the aspects of capacity building with initiatives like “ICT in Skills and Education”.

SICT mainly focused on using ICT to make life simpler, better and ease. It proves that we can do ICT practice as e-governance, e-agriculture,   e-commerce, e-business, e-health, e-library, which are the indicators for the development and namely achieving Sustainable Development. The main agenda of this organization is to examine a globally competitive knowledge-based economy enabled by open and innovative ICT-enabled governance by providing world-class responsive services to digitally-empowered citizens and communities in a progressive, equitable and sustainable society.

International Girls in ICT Day is one special day that makes people necessarily think about the activeness of girls in the field of IT. It celebrates every year on the fourth Thursday in April. There are comparably fewer women engaged in ICT. To make more girls involved in it, many governmental and non-governmental organizations are conducting ICT training and competitions on this occasion.

SICT possesses Girls in ICT campaign as their main project. To make Girls in ICT 2016 worthy, it organized a seminar about social awareness. Rigorous Web Services promote SICT to make that program successful. CEO of Rigorous Web Er. Surendra Shrestha had talked about “Carrier in IT”. He believes to encourage more girls to show their creativity in information technology and assure their safe future in it.  Likewise, Ruchi Karna who was in an intern for “WordPress Developer” at Rigorous Web facilitated that programs by delivering the knowledge about how to start WordPress and jump on Industry by developing skills in this web sector. She also shared her story and continuous effort in WordPress that established her as a WordPress Developer.  One girl is the best inspirer for another girl. Karna shows the future in WordPress for the participants.

SICT also organized various competitions like idea pitch, quiz competitions, and many more. Which can be the source to explore themselves as well as to recognize their capacity. It also provides various Workshops to make them feasible with the market scenario.
Seminars like this can be the encouragement to mark the path of professionalism and standards to those girls who are creative and innovative but cannot feel their carrier protected in this field. Providing guidelines to implement their ideas in their daily life works through technology is the main motto of Rigorous family. That’s why we are promoting such type of programs and organizations.

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